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Trump Administration Delays ‘Startup Visas'

Will Silicon Valley's job growth be put on hold?

That's the fear some high-tech leaders have now that the Trump Administration has officially delayed a rule that would allow some foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the United States and build their companies.

The development is exactly what startup executives did not want. They say it will essentially kill startup visas for entrepreneurs. Execs also argue it is entrepreneurs from other countries that have made Silicon Valley what it is today.

Almost everywhere you look in Silicon Valley you see the work of entrepreneurs who immigrated to the United States, including Google co-founder Sergey Brin from Russia.

Now the Trump Administration plans to at least delay a new startup visa, slated to take effect next week.

Tech analyst Tim Bajarin calls the move short sighted.

"Silicon Valley wouldn't be where it is if we didn't have the talent coming from other countries to help bolster what we're doing today," Bajarin said.

Bajarin said when startups founded by immigrants are successful, it is not just high-tech workers that benefit, but all the Americans hired as support staff. He also said the United States just does not have enough highly skilled engineers to meet the current demands.

Some fear the restriction could destroy Silicon Valley's competitive edge.

"Obviously any delay in doing this would have a detrimental impact certainly in the short term and long term we want Silicon Valley to be attractive for talented people to come in and do work," tech employee Riaz Raihan said.

Some said there are plenty of other countries ready to welcome immigrant entrepreneurs with open arms and killing the new immigration rule may give them the chance they need to lure valuable talent.

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