TSA Finds Pot in Peanut Butter Jar

This was not the first time a passenger had attempted to get pot on a plane using Skippy as a decoy.

TSA workers at the Oakland airport detained a man who they say tried to sneak marijuana onto a flight inside a jar of Skippy peanut butter.

TSA spokesman Nico Melendez said a TSA employee noticed something was awry inside the jar during the x-ray.

Further investigation found the unidentified man put the pot inside a zip-lock bag, which he then put inside the peanut butter.

Melendez said although drugs are not something TSA actively searches for, they are obliged to call authorities when they find them. 

The passenger, who was headed for LA, was cited for possession of marijuana. He also missed his flight.

Melendez said fellow passengers said the man admitted to trying to hide the drugs because he didn't have a medical marijuana card.

Melendez told the Mercury News
that this was the second time in recent months the TSA has found pot hidden in peanut butter. He said the last case also involved Skippy.

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