TSA Makes $400K off of Loose Change

San Francisco fliers leave behind $15,908.02.

Turns out those airport security checkpoints aren't just for your safety, they are also a source of funds for the Transportation Security Administration.

USA Today reports travelers left behind $409,085.56 in loose change in 2010. Not only did they ditch their pennies, dimes and quarters at the checkpoints, but they also left behind foreign currency.

The TSA says it does everything it can to get items back to passengers, but if no one claims the money, it is used to finance operations.

San Francisco fliers are among the worst offenders when it comes to leaving behind change.

  1. John F. Kennedy International in New York - $46,918.06
  2. Los Angeles International - $19,110.83
  3. Hartsfield Atlanta International - $16,523.83
  4. San Francisco International - $15,908.02
  5. Miami International - $15,844.83

Source: TSA

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