TSA Reminding Holiday Travelers to Keep Guns, Weapons Behind When Packing For Trip

Airport officials also advise travelers to keep Christmas present unwrapped

The Transportation Security Administration is reminding holiday travelers to leave firearms, knives, tools and and any items that can potentially be a weapon behind when packing for their trip.

TSA said agents are searching for weapons in packages, which can slow the boarding process down.

Authorities said in 2014, TSA found 2,000 guns at airports -- 15 at San Francisco International Airport, seven at Oakland International Airport and three at San Jose International Airport.

Airport officials are also advising passengers to keep Christmas presents unwrapped in case anything shows up on the X-ray that TSA agents have to check.

At San Jose International Airport, officials have hired a jazz band to smooth things out while TSA agents go through thorough bag and package searches. The airport also has therapy dogs on hand to make travel day a little more relaxed for passengers.

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