Tupac Alive? No, It's a Hoax

PBS readers learn about rap history and Tupac Shakur

This might not be the laser-accurate target audience the web is famous for, but it's cool nonetheless: Hackers converged on the PBS website, and the story they planted is a doozie: Tupac, alive and well, living in New Zealand.

No, it's not a Dave Chappelle skit. This is an article plastered at the top of PBS. PBS? Tupac? Great combination. Sadly for you Makiveli fans out there, it's not true. Tupac remains (as far as we know) dead. The article is the work of hackers.

We haven't seen the official gloating that often follows this sort of thing, but rumors have it that some people upset at PBS's treatment of the WikiLeaks affair are getting revenge -- showing that the PBS site is vulnerable. Point taken. But of all the articles to choose, one that claims Tupac is still among us? Living in a house that rival Biggie Smalls also called home? Awesome.

Needless to say, the whole affair is getting huge pickup, on Twitter and larger media organizations. Somewhere, Tupac (and probably Dave Chappelle) is smiling.

From Oakland, Scott still follows Tupac's career. He's on Twitter: @scottbudman

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