TURF Freestyle Dance Competition Takes Place in Oakland

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TURF, a dance style born in Oakland, was set to take to the national stage Friday with a competition at Frank Ogawa Plaza.

TURF, which stands for "taking up room on the floor" through dance, features free-flowing movement that combines gliding and popping, and "bone breaking."

The competition will feature one-on-one battles of different dance styles; no planned choreography and no preselected music.

"What you expect to see with TURF dancing is a lot of grooves, a lot of authenticity, originality, a lot of storytelling, and just a lot of creativity," dancer Hector Acensio said.

The crowd will decide who’s best at Friday's event, and the winner will advance to the national finals two weekends from now in New Orleans.

The competition starts at 6:30 p.m. Last-minute tickets are $20.

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