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Elon Musk Tweets First Images of Tesla's Model 3, Internet Goes Crazy

Prices of the new car have been cut to $35,000

Don’t think you can afford a Tesla? Elon Musk wants you to think again.

The CEO of Tesla, also a prolific tweeter, posted images of the new Model 3 sedan over the weekend on Twitter. Excitement spread through social media immediately, with one image gathering almost 150,000 likes.

Musk also shared on Twitter that production will begin later this year and that the company will have 20,000 models available in per month by December.[[433672463, C]]

Over the weekend Tesla also dropped mages of the Model 3 sedan. Based out of Palo Alto, the company is known for their eco-friendly creations. All of Tesla’s vehicles are electric which makes for a greener option when buying a car. To be green though, customers needed to pay up. Previous models have run from a base price of $70,000.

Now, this is all changing with the Model 3.

Prices of the new car have been cut in half to $35,000. If this isn’t enough of a deal, federal tax credit would take off an additional $7,500 from the price tag. Think of it as a gift for saving the planet in your electric car.

You can reserve a model on Tesla’s website for $1,000.

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