Twitter CEO Says His New Living Arrangement Is Permanent

Evan Williams says his family is no longer building their dream home


Twitter CEO Evan Williams says he is no longer building his dream home.

Williams listed his two-bedroom penthouse in the historic Heublien Building in the SoMA district while he told the New York Times he was building his dream home in the Noe Valley and expected to complete it by 2010.

Monday reports surfaced that the Twitter co-founder was moving into a new five-bedroom fully restored home in San Francisco on a temporary basis until his new home was complete.

But Williams contacted tech gossip blog Valleyway to inform them that his move into the $2.4 million home is a permanent shift.  He says his wife and newborn baby "were building a house" but they are not any more. No reason was given for the change of plans.

Regardless the new home is nothing to be ashamed of. It features sprawling views of the City, a private garden, a guest house and it was designed by famed architect Owen Kennerly.

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