Twitter Cofounder Hangs with Hillary

Yes, Jack Dorsey actually checked in to the Department of State on Foursquare

Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Square founder Jack "Better known as Twitter's cofounder" Dorsey took a trip to Washington, D.C. for a meal with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

They were joined by a number of other technology "thought leaders" and Webby's founder Tiffany Shlain.

"Wow. Amazing dinner, group of folks, and discussion. I had the honor of sitting right next to Secretary Clinton," Dorsey noted on his Twitter.

Also, yes, Eric Schmidt is wearing a bulletproof vest in his Twitter profile picture -- because he clearly looks to fellow Twitter user 50 Cent for fashion tips -- according to State Department Twitter enthusiast Alec Ross.

The purpose of the meeting was to chat about how online tools such as social networking sites might improve the prospects for American-style corporate imperialism democracy to spread worldwide.

Clinton later remarked to State Department staffers in an email, "We are using all tools at our disposal to practice 21st Century Statecraft," according to Ross.

Call it "tweetcraft."

Actually, don't.

Photo by Jack Dorsey.

Jackson West can't wait for the day America can have a democratically elected leader for a sovereign foreign state deposed via direct message.

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