Twitter always seems a bit late to their own party.

There were several popular Twitter clients available before the service released its own, and now after years of photo capability available on these other clients, the company has integrated it into its software.

The microblogging service launched a photo and video search service on Wednesday that lets users own the rights to the photos they post, makes search results more personalized and make the results of more authoritative tweeters prominent.

Chief Executive Dick Costolo unveiled the service at the "D: All Things Digital" conference. He said the service will be rolled out to all Twitter users in the next couple of weeks.

Costolo said the service will eliminate some friction that users face when trying to post images. It will also allow links to videos to be posted, but users cannot upload videos.

Twitter will be teaming up with Photobucket for image hosting. As @digiphile points out, Photobucket hasn't updated its terms of service in about a year.

What does this mean to Facebook? Probably not much, as the ability to post photos to Twitter has been around for some time already.


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