Twitter Outs Occupy User After Judge's Demand

ACLU challeneged the decision but says it is out of legal options.

Just over a month after taking criticism for changing its censorship policies, Twitter is handing over the information of a user associated with the occupy movement.

A Massachusetts court ordered the San Francisco-based social-networking site to name the Twitter user behind the account @p0isan0n to the Boston Police Department.

The ACLU had challenged an initial administrative subpoena in court but its motion was denied by a judge and it cannot be challenged further.

A Twitter representative would not confirm whether information beyond the one account subpoenaed was given to authorities.

The ruling marks a troubling turning point for advocates of Internet privacy. Twitter has played a central role in social disturbances and mass uprisings across the globe, from it be the Arab Spring to the occupy movements.

But after Twitter announced in January that it had created a new technology to allow it to censor the tweets of individuals or topics in countries that deem them offensive caused uproar, this latest twist is sure to draw more fire on the social network.

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