Twitter Pronounces the Death of the iPhone

Twitter has done an amazing job of pronouncing celebrities dead long before their expiration date.

Now the San Francisco-based social networking site is announcing the death of the greatest celebrity smartphone of them all: the iPhone.

Mobile Review’s Editor-in-Chief Eldar Murtazin sent a tweet saying "Foxconn received order for next generation iphone." The tweet sent off a flurry of speculation.

Who cares if some random editor tweets a rumor about the next generation iPhone, right? According to Engadget, iPhone lovers should care because Murtazin is not some random guy who lacks credibility.

If an "industry insider" can send Apple stocks into a tizzy with a rumor about the company's long rumored tablet going into production, someone with an identifiable track record should at least be heard.

Murtazin's naming of Foxconn, the world's largest maker of electronics and computer parts, could add legitimacy to his tweet.

Of course the pronouncement could be an educated guess, considering Foxconn also made the current generation iPhone, the iPod and the Mac Mini and the timing is about right for an update to the iPhone.

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