Twitter Turns 5-Years-Old, Continues Breaking News

Five years ago, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent out the world's first Tweet. It said: "just setting up my twttr." Today, it's used to archive what we ate for lunch and more importantly, break news in real-time.

Regardless of how you feel about Twitter and it's 140-character Tweet restrictions, there's no denying that it's a service that is becoming an increasingly useful and ubiquitous, especially as of late during the revolts in Egypt and during the devastating earthquake in Japan. In a first-hand experience of just how significant a role Twitter played in communication during the Japanese crisis, our very own Adario Strange said, "Twitter proved to be an invaluable for information collection, distribution and two-way communication" as soon as cellphone service conked out.

I didn't understand Twitter myself at first, writing it off as just place to gripe about our dissatisfactions of life and as a space used to grab virtual attention, but after using it, it became clear to me that "conversation" is a must. Twitter is a two-way street; merely ranting without "talking" to other Twitter users won't get you anywhere. As Kanye West put it best, Twitter lets you spout off to the world "raw and unedited."

So, happy birthday Twitter! Today, we raise our champagne glasses to you, and hope for another five. If you're dead by then, we'll send the fail whale after ya at full force!

Twitter, via Pocket-lint

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