Twitter Tweaks Its Look: Here's How it Works

Microblogging site gets a clean new look, to go with a new building.

Twitter opened its new doors Thursday, both in the brick and mortar sense, and virtually.

Co-Founder Jack Dorsey and CEO Dick Costolo held court in the still wide open new digs to roll out a new look for the site, soon to be available on your computer screen -- now downloadable in the iPhone and Android app stores -- just refresh the app and get started.

The new look is actually pretty smooth: icons dominate the bottom of the screen; they're easy to follow, and easy to switch through. There's a new easy way to tweet out video, which fills a void that companies like Instagram have filled when it comes to taking and sending still photos.

As for the building, it's huge and impressive. Dorsey tweeted out an interesting tidbit Thursday morning - the new Twitter HQ was completed back in 1937, the same year the Golden Gate Bridge was completed.

That's the kind of things you'll learn from -- where else -- Twitter.

Scott, playing with the new design, can be found:  @scottbudman

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