Twitter Wants to Fulfill its Vision Before Selling Out

Twitter chairman speaks with Press Here

Twitter has already turned down millions to become Facebook's pretty pet. Now with the social media giant opting to copy them instead of owning them, the San Francisco-based Twitter knows it has arrived.

And making it to the big leagues means the likes of Facebook being rumored to purchase you will no longer suffice. No way. Not even close. Twitter needs rumors of the big, gigantic, borderline conglomerate tech companies taking it over.

So who better than Google or even Microsoft (who seemingly wants just about everybody it seems) to be rumored to be taking you over? Rumors began swirling earlier this month that Google was offering upwards of $1 billion to take over the 140 word micro-blogging site.

And to its credit, Twitter is playing hard to get. It has done its best to keep the rumors alive by just being obscure enough. Numerous executive have come out and admitted that Twitter is indeed tweeting to Google (and others) but what exactly the lyrics are to the song they are singing, no one is saying.

Twitter Co-Founder and Chairman Jack  Dorsey did little to dispel the rumors when he spoke Thursday with Press Here but he did speak about the rumors head on.

"We are always talking to many many companies," he said. "We are always having various conversations about various things."

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Really? Hmm. Would those "various things" include conversations about selling?

"We really don't think about it in that way," he said. "When you create something like this you have a vision that you want to see in the world. You want to finish at some point and you sell at that point. And we don't feel finished. We don't feel done with the product. We have a lot to go."

Well that makes sense. Check out the full interview on Press Here's Web site and be sure to check them out on Twitter, ironically enough.

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