Twitterbooths Could Replace the Smoking Section

Restaurant experts say smartphones are getting annoying

Being sent to the Twitterbooth may not be as cool as it sounds. It could mean becoming a social outcast if some restaurant owners have their way.

The USA Today today questions whether cell phones and our growing obsession to use them to tweet, text and Facebook wherever we are have replaced the cigarette as our social distraction of choice. Instead of having smoking sections is it time restaurants introduce tweeting and non-tweeting booths?

"That 'green or blue glow;' of a table-parked smartphone is emerging as the 'subversive factor' in dining," Frank Klein, a restaurant owner and consultant based in San Francisco and Boston, told the paper. "Now, maybe it's time to have a Twitter or text booth.'"

Sam Firer's public relations company represents restaurants in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. He told the paper he tells his staff to put their cellphones away when they are at their client's restaurants.

"I'd like my clients to know that we're not obnoxious, unlike many other diners these days," he told the paper adding that he known to turn his chair so his back face's someone he is eating with if they pick up their phone at a restaurant."They're doing the same thing, in essence."

There is no word whether any restaurants has actually created a Twitter only section yet.

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