Twitter's Hottest Spot? Music!

Singers dominate the tweets

Music loves Twitter, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

Musicians are not only reaching out to fans on Twitter (where would Psy be without the San Francisco company? Heck, Lady Gaga might be playing small clubs without social media outreach, right?).

But the company is also reaching out to its own paramours: Just this week, DJ Deadmau5 proposed to his girlfriend on Twitter, and singer Kelly Clarkson announced her engagement on the social media platform.

Twitter is even - gradually - taking on the relationship between Facebook and Spotify, allowing users to listen and share music with a partnership of its own. Sites like Soundtracking let you stream and share your new favorite jams on Twitter - another step towards making music more social.

On top of that, the statistics: The top four most followed accounts on Twitter, according to the company, are all musicians: Justin Bieber (#1) has 31 million followers; Katy Perry is close behind with 30 million. Used to be the top five, until Britney Spears was passed by a certain recently re-elected President. That's a huge outreach. Who needs spins on the radio (remember that?) anymore, when you can reach out and touch your fans with news, new music, and those tantalizing personal items.

Twitter says 50 percent of its users follow at least one musician, and the company recently announced it reached 200 million monthly users. That's a lot of people tuning in to their favorite singers, and jams.

And the personal tweets get a lot of attention: The second most re-tweeted tweet this year? From, Bieber himself, saying goodbye to a fan who passed away.

Early on in Twitter's life as a company, we visited the HQ to talk with Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat about how the platform was going to change the way actresses and musicians reach out to fans, and vice-versa. She was right. And, may I add, worth following (@MallikaLA).

Now, apparently, it's time to start following singers, too.

Scott, like Mallika, can be found on Twitter: @scottbudman

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