Two Bay Area Universities Rank in the Top 20 Best Colleges in the U.S.

Two Bay Area universities have been ranked high in WalletHub’s 2018 College and University rankings report across the country.

Stanford University ranked in the top ten ‘Best Universities in the U.S.’ report at No. 4, just behind Harvard University at No. 3, Princeton University at No. 2 and Massachusetts Institute of Technology at No. 1. Not too far behind from the top ten was UC Berkeley at No. 11 on the list.

Other Northern California colleges like Santa Clara University and UC Santa Cruz also ranked among the top 100 best schools to attend. [[452850853, C]]

The study looked at 973 U.S. School and measured them across seven key categories: student selectivity, cost, faculty resources, campus safety, campus experience, educational outcomes and career outcomes.

Check out the full list ranking of Best College and Universities in the U.S. report

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Princeton University
3. Harvard University
4. Stanford University
5. California Institute of Technology
6. Yale University
7. Duke University
8. University of Pennsylvania
9. Columbia University
10. Rice University
11. University of California, Berkeley
12. Harvey Mudd College
13. Johns Hopkins University
14. Brown University
15. Pomona College
16. University of Notre Dame
17. Dartmouth College
18. Vanderbilt University
19. Williams College
20. University of Chicago

Top 10 Colleges & Universities in California

1. Stanford University 2. California Institute of Technology 3. University of California-Berkeley 4. Harvey Mudd College 5. Pomona College 6. University of California-Los Angeles 7. Claremont McKenna College 8. University of Southern California 9. University of California-San Diego 10. University of California-Irvine

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