Stephen Ellison

Two Bobcat Babies Rescued in North Bay

Two baby bobcats were rescued in the North Bay this month and are being cared for at a wildlife center and hospital.

The most recent rescue occurred Saturday in San Anselmo, where a male bobcat kitten was heard crying in a tree. His rescuer was able to capture him and bring him in to WildCare in San Rafael, according to a spokeswoman for the center.

On Aug. 7, another bobcat kitten, a female, had been found in the same general area, the center said. Because of their ages and the locations they were found, the center assumes the two kittens are siblings. They are about four weeks old.

Bobcat kittens aren't usually separated from their mother at that age, and WildCare could only speculate that their den was destroyed or otherwise disrupted, Wildcare officials said. Both kittens were mildly dehydrated upon arrival at the center.

WildCare said it tried on two occasions to reunite the babies with their mother without success. After they are stabilized at the center, they will be transferred to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley, which is housing other orphaned bobcats in care and has the facilities needed to raise them to be healthy, wild cats with the hunting and survival skills they'll need.

Once they are old enough and ready, the bobcats will be returned to Marin for WildCare to release them back into the wild, the center said.

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