Two Burglaries, One Armed Robbery Happen in 24 Hours at Walnut Creek Outdoor Mall

Walnut Creek police are investigating two burglaries and an armed robbery that all happened in the last 24 hours at a typically quiet outdoor mall.

The crimes happened at the Palos Verdes Mall where Lunardi’s Market is on Pleasant Hill road.

The armed robbery happened at about 6:00 p.m. Saturday night at a yogurt store there, and the two burglaries happened at a restaurant.

Surveillance video showed that it took just a matter of seconds for a burglar to break a glass door, which is now boarded up, and bust into the Doh Sit Thai Cuisine restaurant. Cameras were rolling, as the thief yanked the cash register out of place, taking it and the $200 it had inside.

He was gone within 15 seconds.

"The alarm company called me, but it was too late, you know?" the restaurant owner Jakkrid Laongsuawn said.

The restaurant owner also said he is angry about what happened, but he is hoping that someone recognizes the man from the footage and calls police.

"I feel angry, but bad luck for last night," he said.

Another restaurant in the mall, near Lunardi’s Market, was also burglarized overnight.

Chopin Market also had its door boarded up, but police said surveillance video in that case shows a different suspect.

The third and most recent crime happened at the Tutti Fruiti yogurt shop at the mall where the owners said a young man came into the store and demanded cash from the clerk at gunpoint.

No one was hurt and the robber got away.

Police said the crimes are not only unusual because of where they took place but also because the same mall was hit three times in just 24 hours

The restaurant owner told NBC Bay Area that he thinks the mall should provide more lighting out in the parking lot and perhaps some outdoor surveillance cameras.

Walnut Creek police said so far, there are no arrests in any of these three crimes.

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