At Least Two Cars Towed, Several Suspects Detained After Sideshows in Oakland

Oakland police have arrested at least one person and detained several others following "sideshow" activity at at least two local intersections Saturday night, officers said on social media.

At least one car was towed and its driver arrested after that driver allegedly was "doing donuts" during an illicit gathering at 42nd Avenue and International Boulevard at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday and fleeing from police. The Oakland Police Department's helicopter followed the fleeing car and directed patrol officers in cars to the fleeing driver, police said.

Another vehicle was towed and multiple suspects detained a short time later after throwing a bottle at officers in the area of 66th Avenue and Coliseum Way and fleeing from a patrol car. The helicopter was used in a similar fashion to help guide officers in cars to that suspect, police said.

Oakland police have had extra patrols on duty every weekend for the past several weeks to try to prevent or respond to sideshow activity in the city.

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