Congressmen Swalwell, DeSaulnier Hold Impeachment Town Hall Meetings in the East Bay

It may be hard to keep up with the whirlwind developments surrounding the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, but East Bay voters had a chance to have their questions answered Tuesday night. 

Former presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell and Rep. Mark DeSaulnier held seperate town hall meetings in the East Bay. 

"I never expected in 2019 to be fighting for American democracy," DeSaulnier said. "I thought you do the best job you can to solve problems. But we have a president that doesn’t believe in democracy in my view."

DeSaulnier said he expected a full house in Pittsburg and Richmond on Thursday as he answered questions, and he says the president’s actions have left lawmakers with little choice.

"The president is a bully; he’s acting like a mobster more than a president," DeSaulnier said.

Contra Costa County Republicans insist impeachment is the wrong path to pursue, and voters are divided.

"I don’t believe in impeachment. I think they need to forget about it and move on and worry about bigger problems in the world," said Amy, a Concord resident.

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