Two Killed by Car Fleeing Police in SF

Two innocent bystanders were killed this morning after the driver of a car involved in a chase with police crashed into a store at 21st Street and Van Ness Avenue

Two people were killed in San Francisco Tuesday morning and two others were injured after a car, speeding away from police, crashes into another car and a person walking into a corner store. A passenger in the car that was hit and the person walking along the street were both killed.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said the incident started with a report of shots fired at 7:45 a.m. at the Valencia Gardens housing complex in the at 14th Street and Guerrero streets in the Mission District.

Police responded and found a black car similar to the one described in the shots fired call nearby.

Suhr said when officers walked up to the driver, he sped off, running two red lights and then crashing into a white car. That white car in turn crashed into the pedestrian walking into a store on the corner of 21st and South Van Ness.  

The driver of the white car was critically injured, and his passenger was killed, as was the person who was walking into the corner store. The driver is a man in his mid-20s. The passenger who was killed was a female in her mid-20s. The man walking into the Muzio's Wines & Liquor store was a man in his mid-20s, all according to police.

The driver of the suspect car was also hurt according to Suhr. He was arrested after being treated at SF General. He faces charges in connection with the two deaths and a firearm possession charge, police said. The firearm charge is because police said they found a gun in his car.

The identity of all of those involved was not immediately known.

Suhr called the crash an unbelievable tragedy because two incident bystanders were killed and a third person seriously injured.

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