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Two New Victims Come Forward, Accuse Concord Dental Assistant of Child Molestation

More children have now come forward claiming an East Bay dental assistant molested them and recorded the attacks.

This comes after an 8-year-old child already told her story to Concord police and detectives discovered photos and video of the suspect molesting many young patients while they were sedated.

Authorities say two new victims also provided them with some powerful new evidence. They say videos they found in the suspect’s home include images of both girls. That brings the total number of victims who have come forward to three, but detectives say they believe there could be more than 50 young girls before the investigation is complete.

Carmen Rameriz’s 8-year-old daughter was seen last week inside an exam room at La Clinica Monument in Concord. It’s the same place police now say dental assistant Alejandro Saro molested at least three sedated girls under the age of 10. They now believe they have video evidence of him assaulting at least two of the girls.

Rameriz says her daughter was not a victim, but still she’s afraid to go back to the dental office. Police say that as policy the clinic does not allow parents into the exam room before a procedure, but if they insist, they will allow them in.

"My daughter heard the news yesterday and she said, ‘Mommy, I don’t want to go to the clinic,’" Rameriz said.

Concord police say their investigation began Saturday when an 8-year-old little girl walked into police headquarters. Thursday two other girls under the age of 10 came forward.

"So far it looks like there is a pattern that they are all under 10 years old," Concord Police Dept. Cpl. Christopher Blakely.

Detectives seized photos and video from the 24-year-old’s Antioch home. Investigators say he documented himself victimizing at least 50 girls left alone inside an exam room while parents were told to stay in the waiting room.

"But that’s not including the potential that there may be victims at the other places where Mr. Saros worked, or maybe the situation where he committed the act when they weren’t videotaped," Blakely said.

Saro has also worked at Patino Orthodontics and Western Dental in Concord, as well as Western Dental in Antioch.

For now, according to the criminal complaint obtained by NBC Bay Area, Saro is facing multiple charges of forceable lewd acts on a child and child porn. He is being held on $8.1 million bail at the county jail.

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