Stephen Ellison

Two Recent Sexual Assault Reports Spark Concern at Stanford

One arrest has been made while the other case is still under investigation

Students at Stanford University are frustrated and concerned for their safety in the wake of two recent reports of sexual assaults on campus.

An arrest has been made in an alleged sexual assault that took place Sept. 24 at a graduate residence while an investigation is ongoing in a second alleged assault on Sept. 30 at a student dorm, according to the campus Department of Public Safety.

"It makes me worried about my safety as a Stanford student," Sarah Sadlier said.

Last weekend, campus police sent out a safety alert reporting an alleged rape that happened in a dorm on the east side of campus. According to the alert, the victim did not know her attacker, who is believed to be a student.

"We have to face the problem, and that’s a major problem," student Mark Ferro said.

In the Sept. 24 assault, which occurred at the Lyman Graduate Residence, the suspect and victim were in a dating relationship, police said. The case was submitted Wednesday to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office for review. The suspect's name was not released.

Police would not provide additional details about the investigation of the Sept. 30 case.

Meanwhile, students are seeking answers. Freshman Walter Sobba said he and his classmates have been required to participate in sexual assault prevention education. But some students fear awareness isn’t enough.

"The only way you’re going to deal with sexual assault is by cracking down on it and making it clear that it’s not tolerated," Sobba said.

Student Rachel Zilberg agreed, saying, "I think it’s a matter of culture. I don’t think that necessarily changes right away."

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