Uber Creates Safety Advisory Board

Saying it "needed to turn to outsiders," Uber on Tuesday morning announced a new Safety Advisory Board made up of a panel of six experts.

They include former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, former Department of Justice official Margaret Richardson and domestic violence expert Cindy Southworth.

Uber said the board will provide recommendations and advice, but was not immediately clear what safety concerns the board would first address.

"We're in a quest for all aspects of safety at Uber. We're a young company and we are still learning." said Uber security chief Joe Sullivan. "Incidents can be prevented through innovation, hard work and technology."

Ed Davis, the former police commissioner, told reporters "I'm really encouraged this." He oversaw the taxi industry in Boston as part of his duties there. "Uber has a concern for its customers I didn't see in the [Boston] taxi industry. Taxis did the minimum for their customers."

The board is made up entirely of Americans and it will focus on Uber safety in the United States initially, then expand to other countries where Uber operate. Members will meet for the first time early next week, where the team will learn more about Uber operations, then meet quarterly in person, an Uber spokesperson said.

Uber executives said it's not clear how the board will report to senior executives, or how often company executives will receive reports or recommendations from the board.

The other board members are Rob Chesnut, formerly head of eBay safety, civil engineer John Barton, and professor of criminal justice Jessica Eaglan.

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