Uber Discounts Prices Across Bay Area

Uber says it will discount the price of its rides in order to encourage more users to get out and do something.

The company says this time of year turns people into couch potatoes so it’s discounting rides in 100 U.S. cities, including the Bay Area, Uber’s home turf.

Prices for uberX rides will cost 10 percent less in San Francisco and the North Bay, and 20 percent less in the East Bay and South Bay. UberXL prices drop 20 percent in the City and North Bay, 40 percent in the East Bay and South Bay.

Uber officials are discounting uberPOOL service at up to 75 percent off uberX service.

Uber officials said the cuts are meant to help drivers too. The officials said the lower prices will increase the number of rides requested.

The price cuts may be reversed if driver's earnings fall. The company is guaranteeing all San Francisco Bay Area drivers an hourly rate, Uber officials said.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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