Uber Driver Rescues Man With Medical Emergency on Highway 92

A quick-thinking Uber driver stepped up and risked his life to help a man who was having a medical emergency on the approach to the San Mateo Bridge.

Dash cam video shows Erick Andrade noticing a driver making unusual moves on Highway 92 on Thursday. He said the car was hit moments earlier and kept going, starting to drift to the right.

Andrade quickly knew he had to do something to stop the vehicle from creating more collisions. Andrade was driving for Uber at the time and his passenger helped by calling 911. He was first to run to the car and found the window open.

The California Highway Patrol said the driver had left the dentist office and had an allergic reaction to medication. The driver began to lose consciousness due to the reaction and was transported to a hospital.

"It's great people want to help, and we appreciate it," CHP Officer Art Montiel said. "However, just try to think a little more about how to do it."

Montiel said if you're standing on the freeway and you think drivers see you -- you might be wrong. They are often distracted and can hit you, Montiel said.

The collision is under investigation.

Montiel said he is happy everyone is safe. If Andrade did not act, Montiel believes another crash likely would have happened.

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