San Francisco

Uber Drivers Deliberately Snarl Traffic in San Francisco to Protest Pay Cuts

Uber drivers attempted to deliberately snarl traffic in San Francisco Monday by taking to the streets to protest pay cuts.

The group met at Candlestick Park and drove up to the company’s Market Street headquarters. The protestors, about two dozen of whom were seen at San Francisco City Hall, reportedly planned to use their drive to cause traffic congestion to bring attention to their cause.

Uber spokeswoman Laura Zapata, however, refuted the drivers’ claims.

"It is absolutely false that Uber is lowering prices in the Bay Area to 50 cents a mile," she wrote in an email. "We do not plan [on] making any more price cuts in the Bay Area this winter."

The company cut prices Jan. 9 to encourage riders to use their service. Uber officials said people tend to stay home more at this time of the year so the discount was to counter that inclination.

San Francisco drivers saw a 10 percent drop while those in the East and South Bays experienced a 20 percent reduction.

Drivers in the city’s 49 square miles earn $35 an hour in peak traffic – up from the regular $30 due to Super Bowl 50 – and $24 at other times, according to Uber. 

Meanwhile, Uber drivers in the North, South and East Bays are paid $20 an hour in peak traffic and $17 otherwise.

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