Bob Redell

Uber's New Safety Feature Designed to Detect Problems

Uber has unveiled a new safety feature designed to help riders and drivers in the event that something goes wrong.

RideCheck provides riders and drivers with tools they might need in the event of a crash, a ride veering off course or a ride stopping for an unusual amount of time.

If a problem is detected, the feature activates in the Uber app, providing riders and drivers with the option of letting Uber know if everything is OK or not.

If there is an emergency, users can report it to the ride-sharing service's safety life. If a crash has occurred, Uber can help expedite insurance claims.

Uber has already installed an emergency button inside its app that allows users to digitally share information with 911 dispatchers.

Lyft, Uber's main rival, also has a similar 911 button and is expected to release a feature similar to RideCheck later this year.

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