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UC Berkeley Considers Closing Campus to the Public Amid Pandemic

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UC Berkeley is looking into temporarily closing its entire campus to the public, but the university said people shouldn't expect strict enforcement if it happens.

The thought is that restricting public access would help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

While the closure would not be enforced by the University of California Police Department, it could be enforced by other staff members.

"My hope is that this policy will exist on paper and paper alone," Berkeley City Councilmember and UC Berkeley alumnus Rigel Robinson said.

Robinson said he's encouraged the university says its approach to implementing the closure will be based on UC Berkeley's Principles of Community.

"It is not appropriate and is not consistent with our Principles of Community to inquire of others why they are on campus," states the policy.

"It’s a public university and it should be public," Rodney, another UC Berkeley grad, said.

Rodney said he can't bare the thought of skipping his weekly campus visits with his friend. He said everyone seems to be socially distancing to stay safe.

Others said, especially in this time of COVID-19, they need a place to stretch out and enjoy the outdoors.

"There is a lot of green space," visitor Roberto Soleti said. "You can read quietly. You have shade. You have sun if you want. I think it's a nice place."

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