UC Berkeley Fraternity Caught Chanting Homophobic Slurs

A fraternity at UC Berkeley is in hot waters Friday after a student said he heard a group of people from the frat house chanting homophobic slurs.

Sam Cheyette, a PhD student at Cal, was walking by Phi Gamma Delta house located on Piedmont Avenue near the campus, when he overheard the chants.

"It made me feel upset, I have friends who are gay," Cheyette said. "I know how my gay friends would feel if they heard something like that."

Students who are part of the LGBTQ community think they behavior by members of the fraternity is appalling.

"It shows people that this still exists and we have to fight it every step of the way," UC Berkeley student Jared Bland said.

A Berkeley spokesperson said Phi Gamma Delta is not recognized by the university which means that the fraternity does not have to undergo policy training and the university cannot reprimand conduct violations from the organization.

NBC Bay Area reached out to the board of directors of Phi Gamma Delta and have yet to hear back.

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