UC Berkeley Investigating Former Student's SAT Scores Tied to College Admissions Scam

UC Berkeley is investigating troubling claims a student's parent paid someone else to take a college entrance exam that eventually helped admit him into school.

Jordan Sidoo spent four years on the campus and received his college diploma last year. His father, Vancouver businessman David Sidoo, pleaded not guilty Friday to paying $200,000 to have someone take the SATs for Sidoo and his brother.

David Sidoo appeared in federal court last week in Boston and was released on a $1.5 million secured bond. He is one of 50 people charged in a sweeping college admissions cheating scam announced by authorities last week.

While the indictment does not flat-out say that Jordan Sidoo was aware of the alleged scam, prosecutors say that he did not take the SAT test before the test-taker took it on his behalf. Prosecutors said Jordan Sidoo used the near perfect SAT score on his college applications to Yale, Georgetown and UC Berkeley, which he ended up attending in 2014.

Jordan Sidoo has since left the Bay Area for Vancouver, where he is working on a startup with his brother. He responded to requests seeking comment and said he cannot talk because his father is under investigation.

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