UC Berkeley Students to Protest Against Venezuelan Violence

Some students said they are planning a protest Sunday at the Golden Gate Bridge.

A group of UC Berkeley students wants the world to pay attention to what is happening in their native Venezuela, where protests have erupted.

At least eight people have been killed and more than a 100 have been injured in Venezuela.

Some Venezuelan students said they have not been able to sleep or study because of what is happening in their country.

For the last two weeks, protesters in Venezuela have held marches, set fires in the streets, and clashed with police.

Protesters have been demonstrating against shortages of basic goods, high inflation, and high crime levels across the country. They said this has been going on for years, and they want to see a change.

Some UC Berkeley students said they have been on their phones and computers almost nonstop trying to get information on what is happening in Venezuela--and whether their families and friends are safe.

These students said they hope more people take notice of what is happening in Venezuela and that the United Nations and political leaders step in to help.

"I just want a big change, and I think people are on the right track to that," Venezuelan UC Berkeley student Andrea Perez said. "But we need the international attention too."

Some students are planning a protest Sunday at noon at the Golden Gate Bridge, where they hope to form a human chain across the bridge. They are inviting anyone interested to come.

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