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Uncertain Times for San Jose Mobile Home Park Residents Facing Possible Eviction

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With the fear of eviction hanging over their heads, hundreds of mobile home owners in San Jose saw city leaders and community groups trying to come to the rescue Thursday, but it's difficult to tell if there is any agreement on what to do next to keep the park from redevelopment and protect the residents.

The roughly 1,600 people who live at the Westwinds Mobile Home Park felt both encouragement and confusion as two news conferences were held, both with community leaders and residents vowing to protect homeowners, but they weren't working together to do it.

Mayor Sam Liccardo led the first group, saying the city wants to limit the land owners, the Nicholson Family Partnership, or anyone from having anything but a mobile home park at the location.

"Under state law, there's no permanent protection," Liccardo said. "The owner of the land under any mobile home park can choose to close that park. As a city though, we have the authority to say, 'You can or cannot redevelop there.'"

That brought relief to those who face possible eviction when the agreement with the management company, MHC Operating, expires in August 2022.

"We'd have to get out of the area completely, and I'm talking 50 to 100 miles, if not going to another state if it came down to it," Rob Leeper said.

A second group to hold a news conference Thursday wants more done.

Many said they're confused from conflicting statements from the owners and management company as well as the different groups of supporters.

"So I'm listening to all these different people saying all these different things and I'm not sure who to believe now," Patrick Grimes said.

It's not clear when the matter will move forward. The City Council has not decided when to take up the issue. The property owners and the management company are tied up in a lawsuit.

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