‘Unimaginable Grief': Vigil Service Held for Oakland Warehouse Fire Victims

People late Saturday gathered to remember the victims of a devastating fire that gutted a warehouse in Oakland.

Officials said at least nine people were killed in the fire, with 25 others still unaccounted for.

The Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland held a vigil, with many friends and family members of those still missing attending the service.

Friends and family are on edge, waiting for updates on their loved ones.

"They were amazing and I'm sorry for everyone's loss," said Genevieve Griesau, who reported four of her friends were still missing after the fire. "It's mind blowing, heartbreaking."

Shayne Keator from Oakland echoed a similar sentiment.

"It's tragedy," he said. "A lot of young people just going out to have a good time and wrong place at the wrong time."

A pastor during the vigil service offered words of encouragement.

"When something so tragic hits so close to home...unimaginable grief," said Robert Berger, an Oakland resident who attended the vigil. "The least we could do is be here and show our love and support. Our hearts ache."

Chapel of the Chimes will reopen at 8:30 a.m. Sunday to allow anyone affected by the fire.

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