Union Square Bathroom is One of Nation's Finest

Tarry for a while in Gitane Restaurant's loo. It's very fine.

Where is the finest restroom in the land? Turns out five-star relief is at hand.

The bathroom at Gitane Restaurant in Union Square is on the short-list for the finest powder-room in the United States, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

It is Cintas who is happily sponsoring the America's Best Restroom Contest, the newspaper reported. We kid you not: interested electors may log on to the Internet and vote for their favorite seat of ease, in hopes that it will be named "King of the Throne," the newspaper reported.


Turns out that the bathrooms at the exquisite and exclusive Gitane are designed, like by an actual interior designer: Charles Doell, whose work went far beyond mere tile and copies of Readers' Digest. "Nostalgia" and "Romance of the era" are present in the Thomas Crapper clone, as well as "prints of flowers and the female form," according to Cintas.

We're not sure if this is the men's room, the ladies' room, the unisex, or the one with the plastic changing table. Maybe none of the above.

Anyway, there's also a vintage sink and a chandelier. We are considering moving in, so vote before we bespoil it.

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