San Francisco

San Francisco's Union Square Businesses Aim to Connect Homeless with Services

Businesses in San Francisco's Union Square are working to clear the area's homeless problem by connecting people with services designed to help them get off the street.

A $100,000 program, Union Square Cares, was launched this year by the Union Square Business Improvement District. The group has hired a homeless outreach person dedicated for putting homeless people in the area in touch with local services.

While a professional works each case, Union Square ambassadors and business will focus on education. Part of the education effort includes passing out cards with information about where to donate and who to call when someone needs help.

Noelle Whittier, 22, said she would appreciate some help.

"Honestly, the most trouble I've had is finding resources," Whittier said. "I know they're here, but hard to get a hold of them."

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