CEO Oscar Munoz Thanks San Francisco For Making United the City's ‘Hometown Airline'

The CEO of United Airlines highlighted partnerships with the community during a Thursday visit to the Bay Area.

"Thank you for making United San Francisco's hometown airline and the number one carrier in the region," he said at an annual luncheon hosted by the city's Travel Association. 

Munoz also touched on what he called a somber moment.

"I know we have had our setbacks and we have fallen short of our values," he said

In April, video of a passenger forcibly ejected from a flight by security created an uproar. The passenger was told another employee needed the seat.

The man appeared injured and a settlement was reached after the incident. Changes were also made at the airlines.

"After that terrible, unacceptable incident took place on one of our planes in April, San Francisco is one of the first places I can to visit and talk with both customers and employees," Munoz said.

Christie Smith has more in the video report above.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated United CEO Oscar Munoz was in the hot seat during his visit to San Francisco.

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