Palo Alto

‘UnSlut Project' Documentary Debuts in Palo Alto

A local filmmaker’s documentary aimed at young girls premiered Wednesday in Palo Alto. The film is about the single word that can alter school, work, and self-respect.

Emily Lindin is the filmmaker of ‘UnSlut Project.’ After a modest hookup in middle school, her childhood crush started calling Lindin that word.

Lindin said it’s a label with devastating consequences and she wants to stop it.

"It felt like everyone in my whole town knew that I was that girl that was that kind of girl," Lidin said.

As a young girl, Lindin survived the attack by thriving in areas she enjoyed, like theater, but she soon realized that not all girls survive the vicious label.

Bullying victims like Audrey Pott and Rataeh Parsons inspired Lindin to create the ‘UnSlut Project’ documentary.

Lindin said for girls who are sensitive to reputation, the word can cause lifelong damage.

"That word in particular is so powerful because it hangs over all of our heads," Lindin said. "All of us women know that at any point someone could imply that we got a promotion because we look a certain way or deserve to be treated a certain way because of some rumor they heard about how we used to act."

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