Up Close and Personal at Mavericks Courtesy GoPro

Thousands of people opted to miss the 49ers Falcon NFC Championship game last Sunday. Here's why

Veteran Santa Cruz surfer Peter Mel was declared the winner of the 2013 Mavericks Surf Invitational last weekend.

GoPro, a contest sponsor, released surfboard-close video of Mel's runs and they are nothing short of amazing.

We've posted GoPro's pre-produced video below.

GoPro said the video was shot on the HERO3 camera. GoPro cameras are small, super durable, and stream the kind of video that makes your jaw drop.

GoPro recently got a 200 million dollar investment from Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn, valuing the camera company at a staggering $2.25 billion. 

GoPro has taken the lead when it comes to powerful cameras that can go just about anywhere; by giving us a front-row seat to one of the most photographed events anywhere, it shows no sign of giving up that lead.

Back to the surfing. Mei has competed in the event since its inception in 1999.

He is a well-known Northern California surfer with two decade's experience surfing.

Mel is known for helping launch the tow-in surfing movement locally, according to competition organizers. He also had a win in August in Pico Alto, Peru on the second stop of the annual Big Wave World Tour.

The top six winners:

  • 1st Peter Mel
  • 2nd Zach Wormhoudt
  • 3rd Greg Long
  • 4th Alex Martins
  • 5th Mark Healey
  • 6th Shawn Dollar


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