UPS Man Stole $40,000 in Tech Toys: Cops

Investigators discover stolen video games, laptops, iPods

Thousands of dollers worth of holiday goods didn't make it to their intended destinations and police say a deliveryman is to blame.

Ronald Lozano, a 38-year-old deliveryman with the United Parcel Service, was arrested Wednesday after a month-long investigation into the thefts at the UPS distribution center in Fairfield. Investigators say they found $8,000 worth of laptops and video game systems at Lozano's home.

Since April 2009, police said that personal packages and commercial merchandise worth more than $40,000 had been stolen from the UPS warehouse. Most of the stolen items were video games, laptop computers, camcorders, cell phones and iPods.

Lozano is now on leave from his UPS job of 16 years. But it's not a holiday vacation -- he was booked into jail and is expected to be terminated fro his UPS job.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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