San Francisco

UPS Shooting Victims Remembered, Loved

Three UPS drivers killed in a shooting Wednesday in San Francisco have one more thing in common: They were loved.

On Thursday, replacement drivers had to tell customers in the city's Haight Ashbury neighborhood that 56-year-old Wayne Chan was one of the three drivers killed in the shooting at the distribution center.

"This morning, I saw the UPS driver, and I thought I can't wait to see Wayne and make sure he is OK; and then they came and told us the news," said Alyssa Rosengard. "He was just one of those people that was so genuine."

Heartbroken merchants set up a memorial for Chan. They remembered him as a friend and a family man. Katherine Roberts said Chan connected with people.

"He was so proud of his family," she said. "He was a really caring guy, of course; he's gonna get involved with everybody, and we're gonna get involved with him. It just takes a piece of my heart."

A community is also grieving for 50-year-old UPS driver Benson Louie. Derrick Ly said Louie was a devoted volleyball coach and father figure.

"The biggest thing for us was the size of his heart," Ly said. "He was always there for us anytime we needed anything."

A makeshift memorial continued to grow Thursday for Michael "Big Mike" Lefiti at a shopping center he delivered to in San Francisco's Diamond Heights neighborhood. Lefiti also was a family man, leaving behind a wife and five children.

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