Urine-Damaged Lamp Post Almost Crushes Driver in San Francisco

San Francisco recently installed a pee-repellant paint system on buildings, alleys and walls around the city to deflect public urination, but the problem might be worse than anyone thought.

It could be deadly.

SFGate reported that a three-story lamp post at the intersection of Pine and Taylor Streets, weakened and damaged by urine, fell on a car in the street and just missed "crushing the driver."

Public Utilities Commission spokesperson Tyrone Jue told the publication that urine, whether dog or human, speeds up the corrosion process of the metal poles.

Jue suggested dog-walkers have their pets urinate on fire hydrants, rather than lamp posts, because the hydrants "are stronger and made out of cast iron."

With a budget that increased from $500,000 to $5 million over the past year, the PUC is currently working on assessing 25,000 poles across the city for safety and has already replaced 100 on San Bruno Avenue.

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