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US Citizen From San Francisco Killed in Afghanistan Attack

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says a civilian aid worker from San Francisco was killed in a weekend attack on a U.N. vehicle in Afghanistan. He identified the worker as Anil Raj, an American citizen.

The attack Sunday in the Afghan capital of Kabul also wounded five other aid workers.

Raj was well known in civic circles in San Jose. He also was a graduate of Saratoga High School. Those who knew him said the world has lost a great man.

Lisa Cochrun, a biology teacher at Saratoga High, met Raj when he was a freshman in her class.

"I'm impressed that he went and served, and it’s heart-wrenching that we lost him," Cochrun said. "I’ve been here 23 years and taught 3,000 students. And the thought that I know his name after all those years tells you about his character, about who he is."

Pompeo told reporters Tuesday that attacks targeting U.N. personnel helping the Afghan people are "unconscionable."

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, but both Taliban and the Islamic State group are active in the capital and have repeatedly claimed previous attacks.

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