U.S. Coast Guard Search Put on Pause After No Findings or Missing Person Reports

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The U.S. Coast Guard has canceled its search at a debris field 6 miles off of Point Año Nuevo in San Mateo County after not finding anything among the fiberglass and life jackets in the water.

Officials found no reports of missing vessels or persons since the area was searched.

On Friday, the USCG searched a debris field after finding fiberglass and five life jackets in the water.

After locating the hull section of the vessel floating in the water, they confirmed it was a vessel and not an aircraft.

No missing persons have been reported and there are no missing vessels out of the Pillar Point Harbor.

Sacramento and Monterey assisted USCG in search by aircraft and water but they have put the search on pause to see if any reports come in before doing any more searching. 

They encourage anyone with information to call Sector San Francisco at 510-399-3547.

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