Santa Clara County

US Marshals Nab 137 Fugitives in Bay Area During Nationwide Sweep

United States Marshals arrested 137 fugitives wanted for crimes in the greater East Bay.

The Bay Area sweep was part of a six-week nationwide operation that resulted in more than 7,100 arrests focused on outstanding warrants in the biggest crime hot spots in America.

"Your federal law enforcement partners here live and work in the East Bay," said Melinda Haag of the US Attorney's Office. "We call it home and we want to do whatever we can do to help."

Authorities in the East Bay sweep also seized 27 firearms, ammunition and illegal drugs.

US Marshals said they took advantage of their resources to move across city, county, state and even international borders to pursue criminals.

"With this regional approach to combating crime, this is what law enforcement really needs to be doing," Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando said. "What the community needs to understand is these criminals don't understand what borders are -- they will go from city to city to commit crimes. And by working together we're actually stopping that."

Among those arrested was Alex Davis, who is being charged in the murder of Chyemil Pierce, an Oakland mom who was trying to shield her children when she was shot and killed in March.

Authorities were able to track down and arrest Johnell Carter in Mississippi. Carter is a suspected child molester who escaped from a San Jose hospital after allegedly assaulting a Santa Clara County deputy.

"These criminals have been removed from our community and it enables all of us to go forward in prosecuting cases," Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Teresa Drenick said.

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