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Vacaville Girl Gets a Scare From Man in Car Following Her

A North Bay community was on alert Monday after a teenage girl had a scary run-in with a stranger earlier this month.

The girl had been walking in her Vacaville neighborhood when a man in a car began following her. Surveillance video captured the encounter, and the girl’s brave actions to get away.

People who live in the quiet Vacaville neighborhood are reacting on seeing the alarming footage showing the strange man in a car following the girl for several blocks before she hid behind a parked truck as he stopped.

"We’re very curious to know why an adult male would be attempting to contact a juvenile, and after several passes when it was clear she didn’t want to talk to him, he was persistent," Vacaville police spokesman Matt Lydon said.

The man drove by her a few more times, even backing up as the girl hid, before she finally made a run for it. Police said she did just what she was supposed to do to stay safe.

"You can imagine as you get in close proximity to the car, anything could happen," Lydon said. "And she distanced herself in the situation and absolutely did the right thing."

Neighbors said nothing like it has ever happened there before. One father said he’s not letting his daughter walk home from school anymore, even in a group.

The suspect was described as a black man in his 20s, with short dreadlocks and driving a dark colored Pontiac. 

Anyone with information should contact the Vacaville Police Department.

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