Valedictorian Stands Up for Girl Power

Model student breaks cultural barriers

This year's valedictorian at Jesse Bethel High School is breaking down cultural barriers as she paves the way to a great future.

Most of Casey Lin's family lives in Taiwan but her mother moved to the U.S. a year before her daughter was born in order to give her more opportunities.

The 18-year-old senior has always pushed herself to succeed, she says, motivated in part to break stereotypes in her mother's native land.

She told the Times Herald that people on the island sometimes, "look down on females and I wanted to prove them wrong."

"Women have power and I think they should show that," Lin told the paper, adding that she doesn't label herself as a "feminist."

When Lin goes off to college, her mother will head back to Taiwan. She said she'll be lonely without her but feels secure knowing she made her mom proud.

As her mother was the driving force behind her success, there's no doubt this accomplished student will also become a role model for girls a world away.

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