Stephen Ellison

Vallejo Burglar Enters Home, Steals Electronics While Woman, 2 Kids Are Sleeping

A burglar entered a home in Vallejo early Sunday while a woman and her two young children were sleeping, and he was captured on security camera before making off with a few electronic devices, police said.

The suspect, who was still at large Monday, even peeked into the bedrooms of the 4-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy who were sleeping, according to a family member.

"You could see him close the door but can’t see how he looks," said the children's aunt, Schendelle Bohulano, who added the burglar first peeked into her niece’s room then went to the nursery. "My nephew was sleeping; he’s 1-year old. (The suspect) looked around and closed the door."

The nursery camera caught clear footage of the burglar as he took his time looking for electronic gadgets around the house. Bohulano said he stole an iPad, Beats speakers and an Apple Mac desktop computer.

In the video, the burglar is seen wearing a red hoodie as he appears in front of the door and walks near the house. Neighbors said they saw the person matching the man in the video walking along the street but didn’t think much of it.

It was only when the children's father came home that he noticed the surveillance cameras were tilted and things missing. The burglar had tried to disable the cameras.

Police said the burglar left behind gloves and those have been sent for DNA testing.

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